Reclaiming The Lost



Jason has taken over as GM

The goal is to find a base of operations for our treasure hunting.

Met up with 2 brother in Westgate that used to be treasure hunters.

Learned of a base that requires 3 sigils to unlock.

Found the earth sigil in Argos, an earth mote inhabited by a human race called nan.
Unfinished business:

  • In Argos we met a Minataur named Clabos that was leading the orcs against the Nan. His motivation is that the Nan destroyed his people. We allowed Clabos to leave after revealing his information and promising to not bother the Nan. Though Clabos is a necromancer he still seems to have some honor.
  • Clabos was having the orcs build a giant platinum statue to a storm titan to get the titan to destroy the Nan. The statue is a great treasure, but it is being built in the storm titan’s home, so we left it alone for now.

We believe a sigil is in Westfall under the possession of a gang that seems to be taking a turn for the better.

Another sigil should be in a tower in a nearby forest.



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