A trade city on the Dragon Coast

“City Built on Trade; Population 40,000

Westgate is the major trading city on the Sea of Fallen Stars. It is an open city—open to all races, all faiths, and all coin. Westgate is the one coastal city that has never suffered from the far-ranging aboleths of Xxiphuit’s whispered that some horrible deal was made to insure such immunity.

The vampiric Night Masks thieves’ guild was driven out long ago. A new syndicate, the Fire Knives, now employs the majority of the assassins, extortionists, enforcers, and spies in Westgate.

The Fire Knives are opposed by a group out of Westgate’s growing Shou District—the Nine Golden Swords. The Swords claims to be an organization of the people, though its roots in the criminal organization of the same name in Telflamm make this statement dubious. Still, the Nine Golden Swords in Westgate has publicly opposed the Fire Knives’ worst affronts against those too weak to defend themselves. Consequently, the group, criminal or not, enjoys the popularity of the working class.”[FR Campaign Guide p116]

Westgate enjoys protected status for its harbor districts against the monstrous servitors of the Abolethic Sovereignty, but its ships are not so blessed. As a result, a thriving business for freelance “kraken hunters” exists in the city. Anyone interested in safeguarding a shipping lane or a cargo can hire on a group of doughty, spearwielding individuals from any of a number of agencies on the waterfront. Kraken hunters boast such colorful names as Aboleth Slayers or Yu Kai’s Kraken Exterminators but know the odds of being attacked by unfettered krakens en route across the Sea of Fallen Stars are quite low. Most collect their fee without having to work for it.
At least one kraken hunter could be legitimate, though. Sashara Keenspear, a female genasi, wields a runeinscribed and glowing spear 30 feet long.”[FR Campaign Guide p117]


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